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Fictions and Prognostications?

Geoffrey H. Goodwin -- I Can See in the Dark
30 December
LJ, you can find me in the Book of Faces, if you want.
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Syracuse University - Syracuse NY (1990 - 1994)
Naropa University - Boulder CO (2000 - 2001)
Miskatonic University - Providence RI (2002 present)
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Sometimes, I don't know who I am. Other times, I don't want to tell.

Spooky Creepy Boston was a book that Nick Mamatas and I wrote under the shared pseudonym of Nicholas Goodwin.

"Are you a vampire or a goblin?" was in Ekatarina Sedia's Running with the Pack from Prime Books.

"Jonquils Bloom" was in Phantom, which was edited by Paul Tremblay and Sean Wallace.

"Overheard" was in Pedestal Magazine.

"Release the Bats" was in the last Rabid Transit, with other writers who are cooler than I am.

"Cheatcodes We Don't Know" was in J. Quinn Mallott's Project for a New Mythology.

Three stories have been in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet and I adore Small Beer Press for countless reasons. "Stoddy Awchaw" was reprinted in the first volume of their Best of LCRW anthology.

"The Sea of Oblivion" was in John Benson's Not One of Us.

Three poems and two stories were at Amy Fusselman's The Surgery of Modern Warfare. [Those poems were reprinted at her OhioEdit, with a new story likely to show up there.]

"Chloe" is on Villipede's website and "Stealing Darkness" is coming in their horror antho.

I do interviews for Bookslut, have written for Weird Tales, Hellnotes, and Sirenia Digest, and I sell books and freelance write.

I am forgetting things. Memories can be both badly lit and optional.